Luxury Travel Agencies in Australia

luxury travel agencies australia

Whether you are a business owner or an individual looking for the perfect vacation, luxury travel agencies in Australia can help you find the best travel packages. These agencies will offer you everything from flights to hotels and cruises to excursions and other activities.


Founded in 2001, Wildnerness Australia specialised in high-end experiences in Australia. Originally, the brand was created to provide an exclusive safari style experience in Australia. Today, the brand has undergone a bit of a makeover, rebranded as Alquemie. The brand is also expanding its sales strategy to include traditional and nontraditional markets.

Alquemie has a lot to offer travelers. The brand focuses on crafting unique bespoke experiences for luxury international guests. The brand also operates an e-commerce portal and will soon launch a portfolio of new National Geographic experience-focused retail destinations. Alquemie owner Charles Carlow said this was a big change for the company, but it was also a big chance to reinvent itself. The company has a number of big wigs in its midst, including Founder and CEO of ACTA Capital, Richard Facioni.

The brand has been known to create one-of-a-kind itineraries, from outback adventures to cosmopolitan city breaks. It also has a number of high-end properties across Australia, including a number of boutique hotels and luxury lodges. They also boast some of the best bed and breakfasts in the continent. The company also has an impressive list of entrants, which includes a number of top luxury travel agencies.

The company has also thrown its hat into the ring in the travel space, acquiring Freighter Expeditions and Elegant Resorts & Villas. The company also launched a top of the line e-commerce portal, as well as a portfolio of new National Geographic experience-focused destinations. The company is the harbinger of travel experiences in Australia, and has a number of interesting itineraries to explore. The brand is the best of the best. The best thing about the brand is that they really know their stuff, and are always looking to add new horizons to their repertoire.


Despite the name, SmartFlyer is still an Air travel agency. The agency boasts a number of experts in various fields, from luxury FITs to corporate travel. The company is also a member of the travel industry’s leading network, Virtuoso, which boasts over 17,500 advisors in nearly 1,800 companies worldwide. The company is also a member of The Cruise Centre, which offers a portfolio of luxury cruise products, including private charters, private cabins and excursions.

The company’s main shindig is the award-winning Goldman Group, which includes the Goldman Travel Corporation, The Cruise Centre and SmartFlyer. The Goldman Group combines deep expertise in luxury travel with a knack for innovation. The Goldman Group also leverages its relationships with airlines and hotel partners to offer travelers exclusive experiences. The company also has an industry-leading affiliate program, which extends its resources to Australia’s leading mobile travel agents.

There’s no denying that SmartFlyer is a well-oiled machine. The agency generates $45 million in revenue annually. The company is also a member of Virtuoso, which boasts the highest percentage of any luxury travel network. There are also a number of affiliates across the country. Among these are some of the country’s leading luxury travel agents. Among them is Salli Alderson, a travel advisor with a global footprint. The company’s CEO, Brent McGregor, is no stranger to luxury travel. Having spent over a decade crafting luxury travel experiences for the country’s elite, he has the inside scoop on the latest trends.

The company’s Facebook page boasts a full picture of the agency’s image. The most impressive thing about it is that executives are often active on the social networking site, making it easier for suppliers to reach them.


Originally called Asian Journeys, Audley Travel has evolved into the UK’s largest tour operator, offering tailor-made luxury holidays to destinations across the world. Founded in 1996, Audley offers private tours to a wide range of destinations and travel styles.

Audley’s unique selling point is its personal attention. Each Audley tour is created by a travel specialist, who is a true expert in that destination. They are also passionate about the region and only recommend products and services they have experienced first hand.

Audley’s digital brochure is full of information on top travel destinations worldwide and includes sample itineraries, handpicked stays, and advice from local guides. The agency offers a range of beach and luxury holidays, as well as off-the-beaten-path adventures. They also offer safari holidays, cultural holidays, and family holidays.

Audley’s customers are generally in their 40s to 60s. They are married couples and often travel as small groups. They have taken holidays to numerous countries and have a passion for local cuisine and cultural sights. They are also interested in off-the-beaten-path experiences, boutique charm, onsen baths, and tatami floors. They are particularly interested in ryokans with a Japanese character.

Audley’s clients also like to take advantage of the JR network. They often travel around Japan using a Japan Rail Pass. They also like to stay in ryokans with tatami floors and futon beds. Their trips include cultural adventures, private violin performances, and visits to local hospitals.

Audley Travel also offers escorted tours to destinations across the world. Audley’s specialist will design an itinerary based on your preferences.

Audley’s customers say that they are very happy with their trips. They also say that Audley’s customer service is excellent. They say that they are able to sort out any complaints they have, and that Audley’s staff are always ready to help.

Swain Destinations

Founded by a native Australian in 1987, Swain Destinations has been designing unique and memorable trips to Australia and the world since. Swain Destinations offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury hotels to cozy bed & breakfasts. Swain Destinations boasts a comprehensive property listing from coast to coast.

Swain Destinations is not a jack of all trades, but a master of all trades. From honeymoons to family vacations, Swain Destinations has got you covered. Swain Destinations has a full complement of travel consultants to help you with the planning and the booking. Swain Destinations is the ultimate in luxury travel, proving that you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter experience. Swain Destinations offers more moderate options for travelers on a budget. Swain Destinations has a full list of the best hotels in Australia, so you don’t have to settle for mediocre hotel rooms. Swain Destinations also has the best selection of honeymoon packages in the country.

Swain Destinations has a full compliment of travel consultants to help you plan your next luxury vacation. Swain Destinations offers more moderate options from honeymoons to family vacations. Swain Destinations boasts dozens of hotels and bed & breakfasts from coast to coast. Swain Destinations is the ultimate in upscale luxury travel, proving that you don’t need to settle for a cookie-cutter service. Swain Destinations is the best luxury travel company you can find in the US. Swain Destinations has the best selection of honeymoon packages in the industry. Swain Destinations has dozens of hotels and bed & breakfasts in Australia, so you don’t have spend a fortune for your honeymoon. Swain Destinations offers more moderate options, such as honeymoons, family vacations, and business travel.


Known as the world’s largest independent luxury hotel perks program, Virtuoso offers a suite of benefits to its members. Not only does membership open up a variety of benefits through Virtuoso’s preferred partner portfolio, it also gives travel advisors access to hotels around the world.

Travel advisors are given access to exclusive perks and extras when booking a stay at one of the luxury hotels in the Virtuoso portfolio. These include free breakfast, an upgrade, a daily credit, and more. Unlike consumer perks, these benefits are only available for a one-night stay.

Travel advisors have access to Virtuoso’s preferred partner portfolio of more than 2,000 hotels around the world. They can book a stay online through their Virtuoso portal.

Virtuoso also partners with the Travel Society, which allows members to enjoy Private Backdoor Access to Special Events and Venues, as well as VIP Treatment. Advisors who are enrolled in the Travel Basics program can broaden their talent pool by learning the fundamentals of the travel industry.

Virtuoso also offers its members the option of earning a higher commission through its preferred cruise lines. This is a win-win situation for travelers and destinations alike.

Travel advisors also have access to Virtuoso’s portfolio of preferred tour operators. This includes Blue Sky Tours, Marriott STARS, and Hyatt Prive.

Virtuoso also has the industry’s most comprehensive professional development program. The program offers a six-month coaching program to burgeoning advisors who are interested in establishing a career in the luxury travel market. It also includes 10 hours of coursework prior to training.

Travel advisors who have completed the Travel Basics program can opt to become a Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor. The program includes six months of follow-up coaching and a comprehensive curriculum. Travel advisors who complete the program have the opportunity to become one of the top-producing advisors in the world.