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Amazing Day tours This was a must do a great days trip which covered so much of Rotorua.

The small group (9) leaving a little earlier than the bigger tours meant we were taken to the prime sites before the crowds got there.

Bruce who knows the area so well knew exactly where and when to go. He started by telling us the story of the New Zealand silver fern and taking us to the red wood forest to show us it then to the spot where Prince Harry and Meghan had their photo taken.

Then on to the big time Te Puia where the geyser and bubbling mud pools are. He could even tell when the geyser was going to erupt.

When we had all the photos we wanted we went to the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, stopping briefly en route for him to tell us where to stand at the meeting house entrance later in the day to get the best view of the Maori welcome onto the tribal grounds.

Seeing the different craftsmen/women at work was fascinating and well worth the visit, especially when Bruce talks to the workers as a friend and shares their talents with us

Back to the meeting house where the public are invited to enter for the cultural show, the haka , and concert. This is a short and entertaining ceremony to make sure you are not an enemy!!

Time for lunch, plenty to choose from and all with a wonderful view of the geyser erupting again.

Leaving Te Puia we drove around the local area Bruce pointing out mud pools bubbling even in peoples back gardens!!

Then on to a local kiwi farm where we tasted golden kiwis for the first time.

All in all a wonderful day at a reasonable cost with pleasant and knowledgeable company.


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