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We had signed up with “Amazing Day Tours” for a five hour tour.

Walked to the nine-passenger van and I got the front seat. Our driver was Bruce Remnant.

He and his wife Irene own the company.

He has lived here for 35 years coming from Wellington.

Travel agent for 45 years with 20 years running tours and five years running this company.

Bruce told us a lot about the local people and the volcanic cone.

Took a ride south on the beach lined with Norfolk pines.

Beach runs for 35 miles and is one of the most noted beaches in the world.

Warm ocean currents keep the water fairly warm.

People were swimming and surfing today, but with wet suits.

Tauranga is the largest port in NZ.

This is still primarily a resort town.

Spent most of the tour in Rotorua, Te Puia and visiting a kiwi farm.


Ronald L

Longmont, United States