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Deserves 6 stars

Deserves 6 stars!

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We booked as a cruise private shore excursion.

Irene did an awesome job packing in a full day of hobbiton, rotura, lunch, and a few things in between.

Not sure we went anywhere where she wasn’t known by many in passing.

This allowed her to flex a few things like getting us some lammington to try even though there was none out for sale at our cafe.

Very knowledgeable.

Very proactive before the trip and only goodsurprises on the trip.

All emails in advance were very clear.

I think theyare so good given they are heavy travelers themselves and think from that
point of view.

We ate like locals which is what we wanted and tickets needed in advance were perfectly booked.

She was early and waiting for ourarrival at the cruise terminal.

On most tours we are considered quite fast paced people, but there was never a issue with Irene keeping up with us or us keeping up with her, this let us pack a lot in.


I would book them again in a heartbeat. I wish all my guides were this good.


She only books 1 private tour and he books 1 group tour per cruise port day so...Book early


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